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WIth No Fans in Stands, what Does MLB do with Foul Balls

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The amount of foul balls, ball in the dirt cast offs from the catcher and pitchers asking for a new baseball for whatever reason has always made me wonder just how many baseballs are used in one Cubs game. Now, with the pandemic in play, I wondered what they do with all those baseballs…especially since players have nobody in the stands to throw (unless you consider a Patrick Mahomes cardboard cut out an option) inning ending balls to.

Lucky for me, the Chicago Tribune has the in-depth coverage of a foul ball’s destiny in these COVID times.

Some clubs have been more frugal than others when it comes to collecting baseballs. Betts, for instance, took it upon himself to grab that abandoned ball after making a nifty grab in the sixth inning of Thursday night’s season opener against the San Francisco Giants.

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