TushinTees Updates

When Will Pat Hughes Reach the Hall?

His name is synonymous with the Cubs. A comforting voice through the trials and tribulations of a lengthy Cubs season. Per an article in the Chicago Tribune, is Pat Hughes ready for Hall of Fame induction? Please say it’s so! So hold off on booking trips to upstate New York for the big party. See […]

FiveThirtyEight Analyzes the Most Dangerous Foul Balls

In order to be alert for foul balls, it helps to know the most dangerous locations for foul balls to land. Enter FiveThirtyEight. The site analyzed the most dangerous ballpark locations to define where fans need to be most alert. According to the analysis, Camden Yards and PNC Park average the most foul balls per […]

Stable Genius

President Trump seems to have a different vocabulary for everything. For example, he tweeted that his 45.6 million viewers represented “the highest number” of people in history watching his State of the Union address, whereas the rest of us might consider 48 million and 62 million — the viewers President Obama and President George W. Bush had […]

Yankees Know to Be Alert for Foul Balls

In recent news from the Yankees (outside of their free agency signings and announcing Aaron Boone as their new manager), the team is also looking to keep fans safer next season. The Yankees are extending protective netting near the field after a 1-year-old girl was hit with a foul ball last season. Fans should have […]

How long should an Oreo be dipped in milk?

Was milk a bad choice? depends on how long you dunk your Oreo There’s a science behind dipping cookies in milk, and researchers at Utah State University say they’ve figured it out. They spent two weeks in search of the ideal dipping time for an Oreo cookie. Source: Scientists determine how long an Oreo should […]

Joey Votto and his foul ball antics

You truly do need to be alert for foul balls when playing the Reds. Joey Votto, or the Dennis Rodman of MLB, is a weird cat that does whatever Votto wants to do. Witness as he takes routine foul ball and launches it upward at Wrigley. Much to the dismay of @lovablewinners The Official Site of Major […]