Silhouette Cutting Mat Alternative -

Silhouette Cutting Mat Alternative

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I go through Silhouette cutting mats like poop through a goose, it seems, and experienced all of the horror stories imaginable.

  • Loss of stickiness
  • Cut through the mat due to a sharper blade than expected
  • Dog-eared corners due to consistent use

Paying for replacements was driving me up a wall and I found myself using the Silhouette mats longer than I should. Then, a few weeks ago, I caved. I went with a mat from Amazon that was not the Silhouette brand but received decent reviews and it came with three mats instead of the just one.

The brand is Nicapa (never heard of it) and the mats come in a standard 12 x 12 grid perfect for the Cameo. Have to say…I highly recommend these mats! They have all the stick of a Silhouette mat and I have not been able to tell the difference between the two (other than the price). If you hate replacing mats as much as I do, give the Nicapa StandardGrip Cutting Mat for Silhouette Cameo a try.

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