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The Elia Rant T-Shirt


The infamous Lee Elia rant is one for the ages and one by which all other rants are judged! The lowly Cubs were slogging through the season and bleacher bums in attendance constantly reminded the team just what they thought of their play. Lee, well Lee had had enough. Post-game he launched into a tirade to make a sailor blush.

The Lee Elia Rant t-shirt takes part of his speech and tries to highlight a positive message between the cuss words and fan insults. This shirt is for the hardened Cubs fan who has toiled in the bleachers on a hot day and watched the Cubs through thick and thin.

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  • Royal Blue, Lightweight Cotton T-shirt
  • Soft feel and true to size
  • Shirt design is done in heat transfer vinyl
  • Contact us to ask about alternative shirt colors

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